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4 Deserts, 4 Song Saa Foundation: The Sahara Race

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Stage 4 Update

W. McCallum
W. McCallum schrieb am 05.05.2016

Allen has climbed to 60 on the leader's board at the completion of the 4th stage of the 'Sahara Run', an improvement of six places on his position after Stage 3. The man is just warming up!

Meanwhile, here is a run update from the organisers: The fourth stage of the Sahara Race (Namibia) 2016 has come to a close. One hundred ninety-nine competitors came through the finish line by 18:00. Around camp, competitors are sitting by the fire after enjoying a beautiful sunset in the Namib Desert. The local camp team has started their evening lullaby which competitors and staff are taking time to enjoy. The camp, called "Uniab Outpost" next to the Uniab riverbed, is nestled in between rolling sand dunes. Competitors are quite reflective about the upcoming Long March tomorrow, and most will be getting an early night's sleep in preparation for the undertaking. The competitor field is led by Wataru Iino whose cumulative time for the week is a mere 14:40:04. Wataru is followed by Tommy Chen with a time of 15:11:40 and Thomas Wittek with a time of 18:31:18. The women are led by Jax Mariash Koudele with a time of 19:09:19, followed by Kathia Rached in 19:42:29 and Maki Izuchi-Suban in 19:59:28.