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4 Deserts, 4 Song Saa Foundation: The Sahara Race

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Allen is striding on . . .

W. McCallum
W. McCallum schrieb am 04.05.2016

Wow . . . a big thank you as we have reached our Euro goal. Of course you can continue to donate to this campaign or you may wish to wait until Allen undertakes his other desert runs (we will be launching a new campaign, with a new target, for these three runs).

In the meantime, we are regularly updating the Song Saa Foundation facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/songsaafoundation/ - with Allen's progress. He's doing well and sitting at a comfortable 66 out of a field of over 200 competitors. Photos and more information are available on the facebook page.

Again, a big thank you for all of your support. 

We appreciate it greatly.

Go Allen . . . !