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Saigon Children's Charity/ Marathon 25th Oct.

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M. Tran
M. Tran schrieb am 16.10.2015

Conclusion of final test run! and less than 10 days to go - as I am currently on the way back from Japan, a red Daruma doll's 2nd eye is now actively being held to ransom until this project is done. And, boy, are we close to target:

- Any and all contributions help and will go in full to the cause irrespective of achieved percentage. And I am incredibly confident, we'll knock it out of the park! (My own donation will go in as capstone before gulping down water, throwing the phone away and starting the race) I mean, 88%, gahhh, we're on FIRE!
- USD donations might need to be reconfirmed by Email to go through - European and US banking systems seem to hate each other with a vengeance. Maybe there are some TRON-like disc wars going on in there

Thank you all again so very much for the written support and your amazing generosity regarding this little venture. Onwards to the final stretch, have a wonderful Friday everyone.

PHOTO HERE :) http://tinyurl.com/p8lfrw9