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Eine Spendenaktion von M. Tran

Saigon Children's Charity/ Marathon 25th Oct.


Worum es geht

UPDATED introduction blurb (16th October, 23:58 CEST, 100% optional target achieved!)
Anyone new to this little venture who would like to contribute, please very much do so. Every and any donation helps and makes a difference. The previously displayed/achieved goal helps out the project shown here, but all funds collected will go to the same charity and support other projects in line with the philosophy. Awesome.

The “capstone” donation will also be submitted at 09:00 CEST on 25th October (race day)
Ok, other than that: Remind me to buy you guys some drinks (a lot of drinks) – the way you’re doing this, we should probably be aiming at funding of a perpetuum mobile or world peace. THANK YOU.

Original post follows.
Hi ladies and gents; after a successful 35k test last September Sunday, I planned to do some good with this newfound ability to aimlessly run for long stretches of time (other than to survive if chased by a terribly angry and determined dinosaur)

The Saigon Children's Charity helps disadvantaged kids in Vietnam to get a proper education in order to escape poverty and achieve a fairer start in life. A quite good cause in the great scheme of things and also one many people and especially overseas Vietnamese can relate to.

As I had more luck I would love to give something back and help out their ongoing funding target with this marathon. And beside chipping in myself, here you guys would come into play.

The donations are organized via Help Alliance i.e. Lufthansa and supporters will receive a donation receipt while making an awesome difference. And FREE fluffy kittens!
(Ok, ok, not 100% honest about the cute kittens - which are only here because 1) the internet seems to love them, 2) to overcome any last inhibition to support you might have had. To press the shiny green button above. Like right now. *cough* Aaanyway, moving on...)

But all kidding aside: I am incredibly grateful for your support and on 25th October will run my heart out for you and the cause! Spread the word, I'll keep you posted you beautiful people!
Let's do this!

The marathon:

M. Tran

M. Tran hat diese Spendenaktion am 30. September 2015 veröffentlicht.

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