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Saigon Children's Charity/ Marathon 25th Oct.

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One week in, guys you are amazing …- !

M. Tran
M. Tran schrieb am 07.10.2015

A shout out and thank you in advance to all the brilliant and incredibly generous donors so far (prior to the confetti-heavy proper thank you)! You rock!! A week in and we already cleared more than 50% of the optional target. Obligatory reaction shot http://tinyurl.com/p77y74m

Two things, as inquired:
- Yes, donations can also be made anonymously, if you are funded by the cartel or deep under cover in the Amazon. Just remove the checkmark “Show my name in public” and no one EVER has to know. It will forever be your dark, cackling humanitarian secret
- Any amount helps and is funneled to the cause. In case (god forbid) we breach the stated target all donations of course still go to projects of the SCC. So regardless how far we’ve come until the 25th, with every EUR/ USD logged in, you will still make a tremendous difference

Finally, in related entertaining news: Circumventing Amsterdam to maintain performance takes just about 15km. Huh. Again what learned.
More updates incoming, happy hump day!