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Christina B.
Christina B. schrieb am 21.09.2015

Since July 2015 (the beginning of my work near the Main Train Station in Munich) I met a lot of interesting people from all over the World:

- a young couple from Brisbane/Australia - I gave them some Tipps where they can go in Munich to have a beautiful time (for example the Tram 16 for a City Tour, the Restaurant "Hofbräukeller" on the Wiener Platz and the Tram 17 going to Nymphenburg Castle. 

- many people (Families, couples and Managers) from Tokyo/Japan, Even a Family from Osaka - I helped them with the ticket machine and to find their hotel.

- an asian couple from "Sini" Sydney/Australia - I showed them the entrance of the Main Station in Munich.

- a Woman from Virginia/USA - who looked for the "Friedensengel" in the inner City- instead of Haidhausen where the real Friedensengel is.

- a young couple from El Salvador/Brasil - I met them near Max-Weber-Platz and gave them some Tourist Tips like the Restaurant and beergarden "Hofbräukeller" and the Isarauen to relax

- a Family from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil - I showed them the way to the Hotel in the Arnulfstrasse.

- two ladies from Barcelona - I helped them to get a cheap 3-day Pass/ Ticket

- a couple from nothern Spain - I showed them the Tram 17 going to Nymphenburg Castle and helped them to buy the ticket in the Tram.

- a couple from Italy - I just gave them some Information about the City.

And a couple from Vancouver/Canada - I discussed the situation with the refugees with them and the differences between Bavaria and northern Germany and between Canada and the United States of America.

It was very nice to meet you all. 

But: Where are you now? Did you have a nice time in Munich? Did you meet friendly people? Could I help you? 

If yes, could you please help me with my Fundraising? Thanks a lot. 

I would be very pleased to meet such fascinating people like you a Second time in my life. Christina