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Angie and Brian are running for Nepal

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Bad timing

Angela und Brian  .
Angela und Brian . schrieb am 05.10.2015

So, there was a 5km race in Munich in Mid June. Marathon training started soon after. approx 14 weeks, more than 1000km of running until now. We planned, prepared, had everything down to our tempo and race plan organised. We just needed to do one more "full" week of training and then taper down to the race - recover, regenerate and build up the energy. 

10 days ago, I (Brian) got sick. A flu type thing, I skipped the last long run in Zurich on Sunday the 27th thinking I would recover and get out on Monday or Tuesday. That didn't happen. I'm still not 100%, so after a week off work, the doctor has told me not to run - too much risk after a trauma. I'm annoyed, disappointed but still motivated. I've trained for nearly 4 months and I won't let it be wasted. There's a marathon in Lausanne and Luzern on October 27th. I'm going to try run one of them. I'm training again this week (even though not 100% recovered) so I will see how I get on. I'll do a long run next Saturday then support Angie as much as possible on Sunday. If Lausanne or Luzern don't happen then I'll come back next year and go again. Simple as that.

Angie will have more info about Sunday in a following post, but I wanted to let you know the latest.