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Week 5 - 46.95km

B. Kontek
B. Kontek schrieb am 05.07.2015

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Today, I started running too late. 10 o'clock, 22 °C. Not optimal, but ok for a slow long-distance run if you wear the right clothes.

Kilometre 3.47: Already 38 degrees. The sun is burning without mercy and my skin is turning red. Where's the Ice Bucket Challenge when you need one?

Kilometre 5.68: The temperature increased to 47 °C. The only thing on me that's still dry is my mouth. The birds stop singing and hide in the cooler shadows.

Kilometre 8.55: I'm getting slower every minute. In contrast, my heart rate is continuously increasing. A grapevine snail is overhauling while nodding friendly in my direction. That's the motivation I needed to go on and keep her pace.

Kilometre 11.31: It's 64 degrees. I can see the plants around me wither like in a time lapse. My sweat drops no longer reach the ground but just evaporate on their way.

Kilometre 14.72: Unbelievable 83 degrees! The tar below me is getting creamy and smells bad. That's making this run even harder.

Kilometre 17.47: It is just continuously getting hotter. Already 97 °C. The water in my backpack is beginning to boil and I have to release the steam before every attempt to drink. The soles of my shoes are converted into slurry and dissolve.

Kilometre 21.13: 126 degrees! Around me there are only roasting remainders of plants, sand and ash. The little fireballs in the air are flies that leave the shadow and are hit by the sunlight. Some pigeons fall from thy sky, readily fried. But I'm just not in the mood for a meal.

Kilometre 23.45: I may be home soon but at 144 °C I just have to stop when I see the devil sitting in a sunbed on the meadow. I want to know what he's doing up here. He's just saying that hell has only about 100 degrees in this season and that's why he booked his summer holiday here. That makes sense to me.

Kilometre 26.01: 183 degrees. Finally made it. I leave the inferno and go into the house to try decreasing my core temperature with half a litre of icy water. At least there was a depilation for free today and I can save the barber.

Thank you all for your support. Without you and without running for a good cause I would not have made it today.

Current distance (week):

Distance: 46.95 km

Time: 04:33:48 h

Total distance and time:

Distance: 198.21 km

Time: 18:20:48 h