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Thank you so much Lisa!

J. MUGABI schrieb am 11.05.2016

Dear Lisa,

You are so amazing!

Thank you so much for your kind sponsorship for me to run the Uganda Marathon for Youth With A Vision. Your donation will energize me to run non stop the 10 kilometers, above all, your donation will enable Youth With A Vision to run further the programs that transform lives of the disadvantaged children and youth enrolled in the project. Youth With A Vision is an amazing charity with first hand experience of the hardships disadvantaged children and youth encounter while navigating their life journey.

YWAV works with the local community
to create
avenues and opportunities for the the disadvantaged children and youth to achieve productive and sustainable livelihoods, through provision of foster care, protection, proper nutrition, medical care, education and even the most hopelessly sick of these children and youth
begin to thrive. 

However, your generous donation will specifically enable YWAV to;

1- Boost the scholarship fund for the needy children who are often finding
it hard to access an education.

2- Accomplish a foster
house which is currently under reconstruction.

3- And to create several
Safe Spaces for Girls. 

This is my 4th week of training and I will continue to train solidly for remaining 2 weeks. My goal is to raise at least €5,500 for Youth With A Vision. Your donation has added up and I am short of 
€5,300! It is still a big sum to target BUT I believe if all of you my friends and well-wishers support and sponsor me then we will together be able to raise this money and we transform lives to the better.

Thank you so much once again and Best wishes.