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It is building up here

J. MUGABI schrieb am 11.05.2015

Dear friend,

The challenge is getting tough. Despite of the previous fever, today I have taken my first attempt to the 10 km course of the Uganda International Marathon which I will be running this 24th May 2015.

And 45 minutes were just enough for me to successfully gone through it! I have made this with Anthony Kiweewa and he is really a good runner to watch out. I have been challenged by a stiff slop from Williams Theatre then an immediate stiff hill to climb up Ssenyange, as I finished this I was faced by an endless gentle hill up to Bwala Primary School, then another gentle slop from Bwala through Masaka Secondary School to Centenary Bank.

It is good news that I am doing well with the preparations for the Marathon best but unfortunately I am still doing bad with my fundraising yet I have to rely on your sponsorships. However, some hope is that I am yet to hear from some more friends. Please sponsor me.

Have you ever been a student who has ever been between your home and school most of your school time due to lack of school fees?

Have you or you child or relative missed crucial exams just because they didn't have the money their school owe them and even when they paid this fees after, they were never given a chance to write the exam they missed?

Were you once a disadvantaged student and you were always sent home for fees while your mates are studying continuously?

Have you ever been made to repeat a class just because you performed poorly in class work and exams due to missing out on lessons as you were always sent home for school fees and you never even found the money for school fees at your home?

Do you have the passion to help children from poor financial backgrounds access an education so that they too become productive members of their community?

If you connect to any of the above backgrounds then I beseech you to sponsor me for the Uganda International Marathon. All your sponsorship money will go towards Youth With A Vision's scholarship fund for the disadvantaged children in Masaka.

To sponsor me please follow this link to my fundraising page. It is secure and simple to make a donation here. http://www.betterplace.org/en/fundraising-events/by-john-mugabi


Please feel free to look at the Marathon route in the photos area