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Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 16.12.2015

Dear friends -

The Project in Pasourku is still ongoing. Luiz is providing constant and sustainable support to the village - not only through his skills as an architect - but mostly by helping them to create income through harvesting and selling cacao beans that grow wild in the rain forest around Pasourku.

Here is LUIZ's Report for a year ago:

"We already bought roof, nails, and one 500 lts water tank. It took
more effort than I expect and we needed 17 people (8 women) and it
was AMAZING to look them climbing after crossing that river with the
Water tank over their head.....

When I got there I realized not a little from original remain on
step so next day we cut a big old tree in the jungle and made all
timber for structure and stand up everything in that single day, at
the end of the day many women and children come to watch the almost
finish cover inspired me a lot and touch my heart. The
next day they made an small festival with school children
singing......many tears from me and from their mothers, very special
These kind of moments makes me feel that our
effort and work has sense, we are contributing to make better days
to those families and education is invaluable....... thanks my
friend for your kind words, support and inspiration."

We will add pictures as Luiz sends them to us.

But also we want to let you know about our CAN-Xmas-Campaign this year.