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Eine Spendenaktion von Tom Z.



Worum es geht

Please DON'T DONATE MORE THAN 50 €uros !!!
The budget is relativly small and we want to give many people an opportunity to participate in this inter-active conscious action.

Please LEAVE YOUR NAME in the message so we can include you in the credit roll at the end of the Completion Film because it is your contribution that will make this happen.


The purpose of C.A.N - Conscious Action Network - is to make INTERACTIVE CHANGEMAKING an entertaining, satisfying and fulfilling experience through the magic of filmmaking.
You can watch a C.A.N film and virtually meet changemakers around the world - people who are dedicated to making the world a better place. And then - if you feel inspired to participate in the changemaking process - you CAN do so - by making a contribution that will 100% arrive in the project.
C.A.N follows up with the changemaker so you get to see on film exactly where your money went and what a difference it made.

On our C.A.N HAPPINESS-INSIDE-OUT-TOUR through Ecuador we met LUIS LEON, a cacao expert and former architect. We joined him to visit PASOURKU, a quichua community in Amazonia - the rainforest of Ecuador. Luis wants to help this community to trade cacao beans growing wild in the jungle around the village, so they can create an income.

We had to hike about 3 hours through the forest to get there. Even though the village is far off the grid, has no electricity and no running water the people there (around 150 - half of them children) live happily their traditional lifestyle in harmony with nature. But they have a hard time to sustain themselves financially because under these circumstances trading goods is very difficult. They have no money to purchase the material urgently needed to fix their school building.

That's were we come in. We can all pitch in to make it happen.
Luis used to be an architect. So he created detailed plans for fixing the roof of the school building and also build a toilet for the children. It will cost about $1000. For the exact numbers please look into the picture gallery. Luiz will also make sure that it all gets done properly.

Any money we will collect on top of this 1K budget will go toward providing solar lights so that the people can meet in their community hall after dark.

This is an INTERACTIVE DOUBLE FEATURE which means that the first film (CALL-2-ACTION) introduces the changemaker and a solid action plan.
We will follow up with a second film (COMPLETION FILM) that will document the fixing of the school and the illumination of the village with solar lamps. This film will be shot by Luis and edited by Tom.
This way you will get to see exactly what was done with your donation and what a difference it made to the people there.

THANK YOU for making a difference together - because TOGETHER WE C.A.N.

A special THANK YOU goes to LOVECHOCK for sponsoring of this C.A.N ECUADOR TOUR.

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Tom Z.

Tom Z. hat diese Spendenaktion am 30. Oktober 2014 veröffentlicht.

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