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Thank you!

(Gelöschtes Mitglied)
(Gelöschtes Mitglied) schrieb am 28.06.2013

Dear all,

I hereby want to express my gratitude to all of you and
especially to the Hochschulgruppe Sportfreunde at the Karlsruhe
Institute of Technology.
With their charity party, having a great
time with friends and only by selling cheap drinks and a little lottery,
the Sportfreunde have succeeded in collecting the entire 400€ for
the inauguration of the alphabetisation centre, the mail adress of CJVDI
and new jerseys used in the upcoming season for the rugbyteam in Vogan!

These are amazing milestones for both projects and will accelarate and sustain their further development in the future.

transfer of the money and the realization of the intended deliverables
and the confirmation through pictures from M. Biosse will definitely
take some time but I will keep you posted and justify the results with a report and pictures as soon as possible.

now, I want to emphasize again that you did a great job (also the ones
drinking and donating)! This is even more impressive if we consider that
most of the time and money invested came from students who are
particularly short in the latter resource :D

I was also asked to
say thank you in the name of M. Biosse (president of CJVDI and main
contact person), M. Kami (coach of PRC) and Ablam Ayi (Captain of PRC)
who say hello from Togo.

A wonderful halftime of 2013 to all of you!
Yours with love,