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Eine Spendenaktion von Philipp A.

AKK Charity Schlonz


Worum es geht

Dear all,

whilst writing this message, I come to realize how extremely happy and proud I am to announce this donation project. This charity party will be organized independently by a voluntary students group - the Hochschulgruppe Sportfreunde at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
It was their idea and they don't do it for nothing but for themselves, to have a good time with friends and, above all, for a positive impact on society and for making the world a better place. I am very lucky that they have chosen my projects (amongst others) to use their energy to support .

For the money will go into two education projects:
1) The inauguration of a new independent school building and alphabetization centre in Mome, Togo and a mailing adress (150€ + 70€ = 220€)

2) and the rugby team in Vogan, Togo (new set of jerseys and shoes ~180€)

Education is the only true way to help and assure sustainable change at the very foundation. It gives people the ability to be more conscious about their decisions, to choose and fulfil their goals well organized and improve their situation. Education is given from generation to generation and its influence is unlimited. By teaching the women how to read, write and calculate we enable them to solve their challenges on their own and teach their children to do the same.
The schoolbuilding is finished and it is successfully operating since 2011, classes take place regularly, hold by two professors. However, we are still collecting money to finally execute the inauguration and spread the good word. Do good things - and talk about them.

Sport on the other hand is its own form of education, since it conveys a lot of good values, among them health, discipline, tolerance, trust, companionship and courage. It gives the people hope and strength to go their way and tap their full potential.
The team has grown over the last three years (doubled in number of members), there are already four players in the national team and they will be competing in their third season this year. For that matter, they desperately need new jerseys and shoes. To keep on playing, laughing, sharing, sweating and growing.

So please: move your hearts to the AKK on the KIT Campus at 7 PM and have a few drinks - for fun and for the good cause. And if not, you are welcome to donate via this page anyways.

Thank you and enjoy yourselves! You are the best!
Yours in affection, Philipp

Philipp A.

Philipp A. hat diese Spendenaktion am 13. Mai 2013 veröffentlicht.

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