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The Berlin Slowlympics

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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

P. Sullivan
P. Sullivan schrieb am 09.09.2012

The Berlin Slowlympics: €240.00 Fußball für Kinder ermöglichen!: €20.00

Hi all,

The Slowlympics event cost us around 500 euros in the end, which was spent on the following:

  • Key equipment (250 euros): Small Tent + PA + Beer Benches 
  • Games Equipment (100 euros): string, clingfilm, muffins, paints and material for banners (home made), whistles, grapes, clipboards, marker pen etc.
  • Referee Uniforms (80 euros for 4 x Hot Fuschia tee shirts)
  • Van Hire: (50 euros)

Although we made a loss of around 250 euros, we will donate 20 euros as a token gesture to our chosen project, Türkiyemspor Retten.

Needless to say, given our financial loss it is unlikely we will host another event of this kind - but thanks for all your support and enthusiasm on the day, it was a LOT of fun :)