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Euroadtrip2012 - Hitchhiking for social projects

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The closure of the Euroadtrip2012

J. Eichhorn
J. Eichhorn schrieb am 16.04.2013

Bringing Smiles to children with disabilities!: €860.00 Psych. help for war traumatised women and children: €860.00

Dear friends, supporters and hitchhiking lovers,

just a short message to all of you out there. Due to the fact that we finally made it to get the prize money of the short movie that we've won we were now able to hand it over to our chosen social projects in Albania and Bosnia-Hercegovina. It feels so very good that the whole thing went quite successful. We really hope that all of you, the participants, the donators, the children who get supported, everybody who has been somehow involved, could gain something out of this. In whatever way this might be.

In this sense we hope that we could demonstrate  to you it is possible to have a great adventure on a low budget while helping people who don't have the privilege to have such an opportunity. But also, we are not professional adventures but just ordinary people who did something extraordinary. So in the end it is in everybody's own hands to do something and to have the chance to change something. At least it is worth trying it.

We want to finish the Euroadtrip2012 with a massive thank you to everybody. I think there is nothing else that we could add.

Thumbs up for a better world!