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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

Eine Spendenaktion von J. Eichhorn

Euroadtrip2012 - Hitchhiking for social projects


Worum es geht

Dear friends,

we are Alex and Jorin from Italy and Germany and together we created the Euroadtrip2012!
It is an enormous project and we're more than happy to be in the situation to realize it.

The Euroadtrip2012 is a hitchhiking project which will take part this summer in August in September going from Istanbul to Berlin with stops in many different countries. The purpose is to raise funds for two different social projects Europe.

We know that many people that we will meet along the way have a lot more essential problems than enjoying their freedom and to go for some adventures.
Their concerns are about to have enough to eat for their families, to live in a secure environment and to have a proper education.

These are the facts about the hitchhiking project in short words:

•Basically we will go hitchhiking in a big group so we give everyone the opportunity to participate
•Our main focus will be on street arts (like juggling, painting, playing music...).
•We want to go from place to place and show people that hitchhiking is a great way to travel and that everyone is able to change something
•During our trip we will update our website with pictures, video and text reports so that everyone can follow us
•We are planning on shooting a documentary video of the trip

The two different social projects we chose are related with our hitchhiking trip through Europe. Our main attention is on social integration and a sustainable work for the future of the children and their families who are living at the edge of the society in poor countries.

We are of the view that we need more mutual understanding and contact among each other within Europe. In this way we will be able to live in a peaceful and respectful environment in the future. With this hitchhiking project we want send a signal and to make a little contribution to improve the intercultural exchange in Europe.

You can help us to realize our goals. Every donation, as little as it might be, brings us closer. Support us to help those who are in need!

Do you like our idea? Cool, check out our website and immerse yourself to the hitchhiking world.
For information about background, concept, for pictures and blog reports
LQQK >>><<<

We are also represented on facebook and twitter where you can follow us especially in August and September when we will have our action on the road!

Euroadtrip2012 – It’s your trip! – Thumbs up for a better world

Turkey – Bulgaria – Greece – Macedonia – Albania – Montenegro – Bosnia and Hercegovina – Croatia – Slovenia – Italy – France – Switzerland – Czech Republic - Germany

J. Eichhorn

J. Eichhorn hat diese Spendenaktion am 01. Juli 2012 veröffentlicht.

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