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J. Eichhorn
J. Eichhorn schrieb am 31.08.2012

It did take us a little long to write this second blog post. Reason being there has been so much going on that a blog post cannot possibly contain it. We could again go on about our activities, experiences and fundraising progress, which by the way has been pretty impressive over the past couple of weeks, but there was something different we wanted to share this time. Something that cannot be captured in a sentence or a photo, not even in one of the incredible videos our traveling director Ondrej makes. We wanted to talk about how each of us feels about this trip. After all, one of our slogans is “It´s your trip!”.

Each of us has come on this adventure with a certain purpose in mind. For some it was a chance to try something new, for others work experience, some hoped it would be their little escape from reality before they get on with their university or work life. Everyone joined hoping to make the best out of this journey and this has so far been working out pretty well for all of us. However, we all experienced things and situations that we were not prepared for.

Exactly those unexpected encounters make the trip what it is. That time when two of us had to walk for hours in the sun and still didn´t manage to get a ride. Or the occasions when we arrived in a town in the middle of the night with nowhere to sleep and had to improvise and just pitch our tents at the first somewhat decent place we saw. Or this time where a little disagreement or miscommunication really pissed us off. If it wasn´t for those little tests of character and persistence we wouldn´t appreciate the good moments as much as we do. Our great chalk drawing in Ohrid, our new little friends from the park in Tirana, the guy who sang in the street with us, that awesome campfire wouldn’t have had the same meaning.

So we are in Bar, Montenegro now, our seventh stop, we are enjoying a nice hot day, planning a jamming street session tonight. Spirits are up and what´s more important now each of us not only has an answer to the question ´Do you enjoy the trip?´ but also to ´How do you feel about this trip? And both answers appear to be positive. Which must be a good thing, right?

Thumbs up for a better world!