Hi! We are betterplace.org.

We are Germany’s largest donation platform.

Why we are good.

More engagement!

We help thousands of social projects to collect donations online with our tools and tutorials.

More efficiency!

We pass along 100 % of the donations to the organisations – no fees, no catches.

More impact!

Donors can more directly experience the effect of their money, rate the projects, and ask questions to the project organisers.

Why we can be good.

We are the largest online donation platform in Germany and build practical tools for online fundraising.

In our research department we analyse digital social trends. With this knowledge we make ourselves and the social sector more professional.
betterplace lab

With our help, businesses increase their social engagement together with their customers and employees.
Ideas for businesses

Our foundation is a non-for-profit corporation. Our stakeholders have invested in betterplace.org because they believe in our idea. Instead of profits, the return is something better: the priceless feeling that comes from doing something good.
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How we finance ourselves.

We show our business partners how they can best engage for social causes in society. They value our expertise, our platform, and the solutions that we delevop for them.
Offerings for businesses


Numerous sponsors support us, because they are convinced of our ideas on how people can do good on the internet. They share their networks and experience with us.
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Many donors help us by giving us an extra „tip“ when they donate to a project, which we use, for example, to pay bank fees necessary to transfer donor’s money to the social organisations and projects. Thank you!

Our foundation is independent and operates without the intention to earn a profit. View annual reports

What we offer you.

  • Our tools make online fundraising easier and more effective.
  • Use our free tutorials to become an expert.
  • Or are you looking for volunteers? Get started!

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“betterplace.org develops useful tools, gives us great advice, and really adds value to our organisation.”
Christian WiebeViva con Agua

  • Our expertise and tools allow your company to bring a modern approach to doing good.
  • We will show you how to employ social engagement to impress and excite your employees and your customers.

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“betterplace.org’s expertise allows us to engage in a modern, contemporary way, and we see the results of our engagement.”Ulrike Gläslevdi nachrichten

You can collect donations together with your friends. It raises money for a good cause – and it’s fun! For example:

For your birthday
Running a marathon
Or another event or occasion.

„For my 20th birthday I wanted more than just presents – I wanted to make a difference! So I started a fundraising campaign on betterplace.org.“Julie SchnyderDonor

Donate money

On betterplace.org, you can donate money for specific items, such as school books. You will see how social organisations use your donation, and can even contact them. We pass along 100% of your donation, and with thousands of projects, you can find a perfect match for your interests.

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Donate time

As a volunteer, you can get directly involved and bring in your own valuable experience. Find a project that needs you.


We are always looking for people who want to make the world a better place and spread our ideas – as a part of our team, or as a volunteer ambassador.

Open positions

„As an betterplace.org ambassador I help social projects in Hamburg get onto the internet. It’s an important job, and it’s fun.“
Steffi TrabitzschAmbassador in Hamburg

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Our origins.

Once upon a time:
Our story began in 2006 with the Breidenbach family. During a trip around the world, it became clear to them that small social projects, without a large marketing budget, also deserved to get attention. However, they were not the only ones to come up with the idea of a free, online donation platform. This is what happened when they met rugby player Till Behnke…

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What’s our take on transparency?

We think it’s essential! Promoting transparency is one of the basic concepts behind betterplace.org. That’s why we stipulate that all social projects collecting donations via our platform tell the community how those donations are being used.

The same goes for us too of course. You can read about how we use the funds at our disposal in the management reports contained in our annual statements.

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Apart from that we’ve not hesitated to sign the declaration of commitment that’s part of Transparency International’s Transparent Civil Society Initiative.
Read our ten transparency objectives

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