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Easy-to-use tools and fundraising experts help you collect donations online – for free.?

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The internet won’t suddenly disappear, which is good. Because it eases your work as fundraiser. We from are happy to help you with online fundraising.

Reach your supporters where they are spending
more and more time: on the internet

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Your project page on is the starting point for online fundraising. Donations can be made via credit card, PayPal or direct debit. This service is free of charge for you. We forward 100 % of all donations to your project. offers you an integrated donation form for your own website.
You prefer to collect donations on your own website or on facebook? No problem! No matter where, when, and how – our tools are waiting to be used for the good cause. Are you ready?

Win back your givers by keeping them up-to-date

If you want to gain the long-term loyalty of your donors you need a convincing strategy – and authentic and personal communication. On supporters can experience your project: By posting news and adding pictures or videos, you can instantly provide your supporters with updates on the progress of your project. You can also segment your donors and send a customized newsletter to each group in order to encourage them to donate again. You will profit from the efficiency of our communication system. And your givers might want to donate again, again, and again...

Inform your supporters in real time on project updates by using the project blog and by sending newsletters.

Supporters of your project can create a fundraising event on and help you collecting donations for your project. Virginie from Belgium for example ran a marathon in Gobi Desert and collected donations for an orphans aid project in China.

Turn your donors into fundraisers

Being a fundraiser can keep you busy. So why not getting fundraising support from your givers? On, they can create a fundraising event for your project. For example, your supporters might wish donations to your project instead of receiving birthday gifts, or they run a marathon and collect donations. Your donors can also help you finding new supporters by sharing your message via facebook, Google+, or twitter. This might save you a lot of time.

Icons for twitter, facebook, and Google+ for social initiatives

Our free services at a glance

  1. Credit card, PayPal, and direct debit as payment methods for donations
  2. No transaction fees for donations with credit card and PayPal
  3. Donation form and widget for your own website: Learn more!
  4. Donation button for your organization on Facebook
  5. Overview of all donations with comments, local reports, and the donors’ opinion on your project
  6. Customizable newsletter system to help regaining donors
  7. Automated sending of donation receipts on behalf of German NGOs that have a notice of exemption
  8. Extensive statistics, analyses and administration tools
  9. Export of donor data
  10. Direct contact to donors
  11. Fundraising event pages for your supporters
  12. Innovative sharing tools (QR code, posters, etc.)
  13. Support hotline on weekdays
  14. Trainings on online fundraising

Our mission: Helping you to help

Karolin, Katja, Francesca, Christina, Mirjam, Leonie, Dino, Christoph, Katja und Björn from are happy to help you! is not profit-oriented and therefore offers all services free of charge. We do not want to sell you anything. Our only wish: create as much transparency as possible for the giver – by describing exactly what you need, for which purpose you will use the donations, and by telling your donors which impact their donation has had. We forward 100% of all donations to you. On top of that we cover the transaction fees for you.
So how do we finance ourselves? ➞

We are also happy to support you with trainings, tips on collecting donations online and trends about online fundraising. We want you to be successful with your fundraising! And if you successfully collect donations we will introduce you to our corporate and media partners – and thus to many potential new supporters of your project!

”Why should I collect donations online in the first place?“

  1. 2.5 Billion people are online
  2. In average, online donations are about twice as high as offline donations.
  3. People donating online are much younger than people donating offline.
  4. Communicating with your donors online costs much less: no paper and stamps are needed!
  5. Spreading the news online is the fastest way

More than 5,000 organisations already use successfully. When will you join?

This is what project managers say about us:

betterplace is the place to be! Direct and transparent communication with our supporters makes our projects come to life and corresponds exactly to the philosophy of Viva con Agua! Christian Wiebe
Viva con Agua
We from CARE have to go where our potential donors are: at, facebook, or YouTube. provides us with great fundraising tools, initiates cooperations, and overall, is a benefit for our organisation. Stephanie Nicolai
CARE Germany and Luxembourg

Questions? Ask me!

I'm happy to answer your questions and accompany you from the very beginning.

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