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House of HoPE

Butimanu, Romania

Protecting animals abroad does not only mean "rescuing", but also to ensure that the living conditions for dogs on site improve in the long term. The "House of HoPE" is intended to provide a appropriate retreat for animals that cannot be placed.

K. Arnold from Homeless Paws Endeavour (HoPE)
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For several years now, we have been supporting various animal rescuers in Romania and between August 2017 and today (June 2021) we have taken over several hundred dogs, mostly from the Unirea/Braila public shelter, as they were on kill lists. Most of them have already found a home. Currently we have about 100 dogs of our own, which are housed in a private, very clean, shelter. 

Already in 2018, the idea grew to have our own shelter on site. We not only wanted to save dogs from being killed, but our long-term goal is also to create a better living situation for the dogs who, for example, cannot be placed or wait a very long time for adoption. Besides the immensely important castrations, improving the living conditions for the animals is one of the main tasks in animal welfare. We have already been able to start a project in cooperation with a family in Braila. Due to differences of opinion and various incidents to the detriment of the animals, we unfortunately had to end the cooperation. 

Now we would like to start our project anew - and better prepared. 

Several steps are necessary to reach our goal. The first step is to find a suitable property. We would like to acquire a plot of land that is ideally already developed and built on. In addition to a residential building, kennels with free-range facilities are to be built. Quarantine and storage buildings are also necessary. Staff should live there so that 24/7 care of the animals can be guaranteed. 

Of course, it would be ideal if we could establish ourselves where our dogs are already housed. However, we also have to plan alternatively, as we would like to realise ourselves in this project and implement our ideas. This is only possible if we can decide freely and are only bound by the state/regional laws. 

In order for us to be able to implement our project and offer the dogs on site at least a similar species-appropriate life as in German shelters, we urgently need your support! 

Please help us and contribute to a sustainable solution for the street dogs in Romania!

Thank you very much!

PS: as the current project location we have indicated the place where our dogs are currently housed. However, this is still open and not fixed.