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Homeless Paws Endeavour (HoPE)

managed by K. Arnold

About us

PREVENTING ANIMAL PAIN through CASTRATION and better living conditions.

Since the foundation of HoPE in October 2016, the main concern of the NGO has been to create better conditions for the street dogs in Romania - through castration, education (as far as possible), helping animals in need and creating better living conditions for shelter dogs.

In the meantime, we not only support other rescuers on the ground, but also bear great responsibility ourselves for around 100 of our own dogs, most of which were taken over from public shelters where they were on the kill list. The dogs are housed in a private shelter, which we support as much as possible and try to bring the living conditions there at least closer to German standards.

A big goal would be to build up our own sanctuary, where also older or non-placeable animals can spend their lives in a species-appropriate environment.

PLEASE help us with this!

Latest project news

Vorläufiges Fahrzeug gefunden

  K. Arnold  11 June 2021 at 07:15 PM

Wir haben ein vorläufiges Auto gefunden, mit dem wir in der nächsten Zeit unser Mobil-Projekt beginnen wollen. Es sind noch passende Transportboxen notwendig. Dann kann es losgehen. Flyer zur Verteilung in Tierarztpraxen oder bei Tierbedarfsläden ist in Arbeit.

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