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Akte 6S3018/19 muss an die Öffentlichkeit! Putenhaltung jetzt ändern!

A project from animals - a crime
in Mannheim, Germany

Puten leiden in Deutschland tagtäglich und du kannst ein Teil der Veränderung werden. Wir sammeln Spenden für die Verbandsklage gegen die Putenmast um die Haltung von Puten in Deutschland signifikant und nachhaltig zu verändern.

animals - a crime
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About this project

As an animal welfare organization, we campaign against the cruel and inappropriate keeping of farm animals. Our focus is on farm animals, whose lives we want to change sustainably and significantly. Concrete changes in the law are necessary for this. Since May 2015, the association's lawsuit against turkey farming has been running. The goal of the association's lawsuit is to abolish the current form of turkey fattening, as well as to sustainably change the way turkeys are kept in Germany. It belongs to the everyday life of the turkeys that they must live in the dirt and on their own excrements. In addition, turkey fattening prevents natural social behavior and restricts species-specific behavior such as pecking and scratching. Profit-oriented breeding causes inflammation, deformities, broken bones, and rapid spread of disease. Painful overbreeding, insufficient veterinary care, and a high rate of false stunning during slaughter are other criticisms. Currently, there is only a voluntary agreement on the keeping of turkeys, which largely does not involve the demands of animal welfare activists. Therefore, we need a change in the law so that there are binding rules for all and the life of turkeys changes significantly. After a specific case in 2015, the lawsuit against the veterinary office Schwäbisch- Hall was filed at the Administrative Court of Stuttgart. Since then, the lawsuit has been ongoing and has already reached several instances. In order to continue and promote the lawsuit, we are collecting donations. Every donation helps to be a part of the change.