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Corona-Nachhilfeprojekt für sozialschwache Kinder in München

A project from Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.
in München, Germany

Corona tutoring for underprivileged children. In close cooperation with the schools, we want to provide our Munich Breakfast-Club children with compact and targeted tutoring. An hour costs about 25 euros - please support us, thank you!

P. Windisch de Lates
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About this project

With your support - compact tutoring right after school starts again
All Bavarian schools have been closed since mid-March. Also our two primary schools in Munich Hasenbergl & Harthof.
What is a new, exciting and even motivating experience for many children means additional stress - and further decline in performance - for socially weak children. Because for "homeschooling", digital learning at home, especially children from less educated families often lack important prerequisites, no PC, no internet and often also the language skills of their parents. Especially when it comes to learning new content, many parents cannot guide their children and do not make sure that they learn regularly. But that's exactly what these kids need!
Around 80 children receive a free healthy and delicious breakfast in our Munich “Breakfast Clubs". These children come to school hungry and don't bring lunch.
Please support us, to give these kids a fair chance to reach the class goal.

Since the schools are closed, "our" BreakfastClub kids have not only lacked breakfast together with their school friends.
Many of them now run the risk of not reaching the class goal at the end of the school year. Because without support in learning at home, they fall back further every day without lessons in school. That is why we have come up with something very special together with the heads & teachers of the respective school - we want to enable "our" children in the first weeks of school to  get private tutoring.
This is the only way to make up for their corona-related learning deficit. In our view, three or four times a week, per child or in small groups, would be necessary. We are now collecting donations for this new project.
One hour of tutoring costs around 25 Euros. The more we take, the more children we can give this valuable support after starting school again.