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KICKIN' CORONA! - Solidarity with Kenya

Kisumu, Kenya

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KICKIN' CORONA! - Solidarity with Kenya

Kisumu, Kenya

We support local volunteers in Kisumu, Kenya to combat the corona crisis.

L. Haber from Afroskop e.V. | 
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About this project

According to the WHO the corona pandemic already spread to 45 African countries.  On 9th of April 2020 there are in total 7341 confirmed corona cases in Africa. 172 infected persons are treated in Kenya. Six persons in Kenya are confirmed dead. The Kenyan government talks already about 31 confirmed cased.

Kenya's health care system is very weak.  Economically and socially the Kenyan government is not well prepared for this crisis. The consequences for the population will even be more dramatic for Kenya than for most European countries. 
Due to the curfew imposed by the Kenyan government many people do not generate any income at the moment. Especially people living on the countryside do not have access to food supplies.  Besides prices for food supplies as well as sanitary products, like soap for example, have increased a lot. Mainly persons with low income are neither able to consume a balanced diet nor can they stick to the hygienic recommendation as washing the hands with soap on a regular basis. 

With our camapign KICKIN' CORONA - Solidarity with Kenya we want to support our partner  New Paradigm Community Based Organization with the implementation of the following measures.  

  • Education
    about hygienic measures on the doorstep
  • Hygiene for all!
    Implementation of „Washing Stations“ with soap and clean water for the community (This was already approved by the local government)   
  • Nutrition
    a) Adjustment of our project „Eating makes you smart“ to take-away service as well as delivery service for women who cannot or may not pick up their lunch 
    b) Supply of the members of New Paradigm with food packages 
Updated at 23. April 2020