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KICKIN' CORONA! - Solidarity with Kenya

Kisumu, Kenya

We support local volunteers in Kisumu, Kenya to combat the corona crisis.

Andrea Schagalkowitsch from Afroskop e.V.
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In Kenya, there are 103,188 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of 17 February 2021. 1,797 people in Kenya have been confirmed to have died from Covid-19. In Kisumu, the region where our target group lives, around 2,100 people are believed to be infected. Unfortunately, testing cannot be done in all regions. It is therefore expected that the number of unreported cases is much higher.

Kenya does not have a good health care system. In economic and social terms, the country is inadequately prepared for this crisis. Seen in this light, the consequences for the population are far more dramatic than we are currently experiencing in Germany. The measures taken by the government to contain the virus have dramatic consequences for a large part of the population. 
Many households are not generating any income at the moment, as the open-air markets, where around 80 % of the population shops and works, are still mostly closed. People in rural areas in particular continue to have difficult access to food. In addition, there is still a significant increase in the prices of food and hygiene items, such as soap.   

With our camapign KICKIN' CORONA - Solidarity with Kenya we want to support our partner  New Paradigm Community Based Organization with the implementation of the following measures.  

  • Education
    about hygienic measures on the doorstep
  • Hygiene for all!
    Implementation of „Washing Stations“ with soap and clean water for the community (This was already approved by the local government)   
  • Nutrition
    a) Adjustment of our project „Eating makes you smart“ to take-away service as well as delivery service for women who cannot or may not pick up their lunch 
    b) Supply of the members of New Paradigm with food packages 

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