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Water supply for internal refugees in Cameroon

Dschang, Cameroon

We want to help internal refugees in Cameroon by building a solar powered well pump to supply clean water for the community and for a vegetable farm to create a source of food and income.

Lilly S. from Greening Africa Together/Alle Hand in Hand, e.V. | 
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About this project

Our Mission
We want to help internal refugees in Cameroon by building a solar powered well pump to supply clean water for the community and for a vegetable farm. This farm will supply their community with high quality vegetables to improve their situation and help them to start a new life.

About us
We are an international team of ten students, of which five are studying in Cameroon and five in Germany. Together we aim to meet the needs of the community by exchanging study knowledge and experience of the locals. With the support of technical experts and coordinators in both countries we work on the next steps of this project. 

The Current Situation
Cameroon faces an armed conflict between the French-speaking majority and the English-speaking minority, known as the "Anglophone crisis"
. The conflict has been going on for the last two years and many people are forced to flee their homes in search of security and a better life.

For this reason, we got together to find solutions to improve the situation of the internal refugees, who just lost their homes and trying to start a new life.

The Project
Our aim is to supply clean water and to create an irrigation system for a organic vegetable farm that supplies the community with food for consumption and creates a sustainable source of income for the internal refugees.

The entire system and the crops will be maintained by refugee’s families who will be trained in safe, efficient and long-term use of the solar powered pump system.

Our Partners
We are Greening Africa Together, a network of non-profit NGOs, universities and institutions that have set themselves the goal of encouraging and supporting young people in the fight against climate change and to jointly create perspectives in Africa. 

Technical Details & Concept
We already acquired a field of around 5000m² close to Dschang, Cameroon. Our system is designed to deliver 31m² of water per day, which will be enough to grow tomatoes, corn, beans and cassava on the farm. The energy needed is fully renewable and promises a ZERO-emission Operation, without any continuous costs.

Updated at 14. September 2020