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Trainin session to reduce homophobia and transphobia at the workplace

A project from PROUT AT WORK-Foundation
in München, Germany

With our LGBT*IQ OUT OF THE BOX-Box Nr. 2 we sensitize managers and people in leading positions in companies against homo-, bi-, trans- and interphobia and trough that we reduce discrimination in the workplace. Help us to help others!

Albert K.
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About this project

Since 2013 we at the PROUT AT WORK-Foundation act out of conviction in our commitment for LGBT*IQ-equality in the workplace. Though there is noticeable chance regarding that in Germany, recent data shows, that for a lot of LGBT*IQ people, discrimination in the workplace is still part of their daily life.
The study “Out at the Office?!” showed, that about three-quarter (74%) of lesbian and gay employees experienced discrimination in at least in one form. The percentage is 83% for trans*people and 95.5% for bisexual respondents. These numbers state clearly, that coming out in the workplace is associated with a lot of risks and can lead to negative experiences. But because gender identity and sexual orientation play an incredibly important role in the work context, experiences of discrimination must be reduced further. Especially among for young professionals, the fear of consequences leading from opening up about their gender identity or sexual orientation is very high. Trough our work we want to create an open work environment for all employees and ensure that LGBT*IQ-issues are addressed directly and find support in the company.

How to work on reducing the number of experienced discriminations? Awareness and sensitization lead to understanding and tolerance – and through that in the long and lasting term to lesser discrimination.
In 2018 we had a big success with our awareness-workshop “LGBT*IQ OUT OF THE BOX – head over heels in love” and are new planning to release another box in 2019. This time the exercise provided to companies should target and reduce stereotypes and prejudices in managers regarding lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and intersexual people. The exercise is going to be available in German and in English. 
With this we want to further contribute to create awareness and to reduce disadvantages.
To develop this trainings-package we are going to need 6.400 EUR. Everyone can enable us to produce about 100 packages that we can make available for companies.
  • conception of the training: 2.380 EUR
  • Layout and design: 1.785 EUR
  • translation of the material 1.071 EUR
  • Printing and purchase of further materials 1.166 EUR
With a donation of 65 EUR you can finance one box. We wish to cover our external expenses through funds.

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