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Walden - living with and within nature

A project from Leben mit Herz e.V.
in Wuppertal, Germany

Living with nature. How can that work, living in a concrete cube on rock-hard pavement within a cloud of permanent noise that makes life a kind of hell. On the other side nature is cleaned of people, lying without human shelter ready to be exploited.

E. Hauck
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About this project

Nowadays environmental protection tries to keep areas free of human intervention. This ought to be a splendid concept. But it has its risks. Vast natural landscapes without people who guard their sustainable continuation are to easy victims of strong financial interest. And without any citizens nobody can legally object to the rigid plans of big business. Like the little rest of natural living tribal people we have to take responsibility for the weak reminders of nature we yet have in reach.
 This means going into the woods, the forests and live there in a way proofed sustainable throughout millennia. And of cause with some modern but sustainable adds. And we should live there not dense in big conglomerations, but in a net of people who know each other and guard nature like they would guard their benevolent mother. This is an initial for me. I have just been transforming my ideas to a new level. That is why I am not just collecting money, but as well concepts, ideas and ways to set this in real action. If you like to contribute with ideas, concepts and plans please send them to: . I will collect and translate every idea into German, English and French. I do not speak more languages fluently. And with that we can and should produce a network that spreads over Europe to Eurasia, Africa and so on