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Transnational Queer Underground brings together and supports diverse queer voices. Wether you raise your voice through art, stories or acts of activism, we believe that we're all in this together and we can only grow strong if we support each other.

Verena S. from Transnational Queer Underground e.V.Write a message

A world where everyone can be free.
We believe that no person is free while there are others that are not.
We want to work towards creating that freedom for all.

  • No wars. Protecting our earth. No more power to aggressors that make you fear for your life.
  • No discrimination or oppression that makes you fear for your physical or mental well-being.
  • Financial independence. Equal access to resources. Mindful use of our resources.
  • Freedom of movement. No borders. No visas. No asylum.
  • Freedom to love, believe and express yourself however you want – as long as that is providing that same right to everyone else as well.

Transnational as in creating a network and establishing links beyond borders. Taking global responsibility. Empowering people everywhere to let their voices be heard. Because we’re only as strong as we are together.
Queer as in fighting for the right for everyone to live the life they desire without facing discrimination.
Underground as in the place where the best ideas and practices are born. It’s where we empower ourselves. This is where we keep working on creating the future that we want to live in.

1. Creating and maintaining as an online platform, that provides useful information for the community and anyone interested.
2. Keeping this platform inviting and encouraging for people to participate, to come out and to find their voice.
3. Organizing public and private events, such as workshops, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, exchanges, etc.
4. Publishing books, zines, posters, etc.
5. A membership program for cultural and political activists to get in depth support and to participate in transnational projects and collaborations. Members can also take an active role in setting TQU’s agenda.
6. We are new. This is just a beginning. Our mission might change over time, our vision won’t.

Support us to make an inclusive and equal world a reality.

You can choose to donate to support our running costs, or you can specifically support one of our upcoming projects, which right now is a podcast series to inspire people to take action.

We really appreciate your support and will make sure that you will also get a chance enjoy the outcome of our work. 

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