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Closed Physicians Association for Nutrition

München, Germany

The „Physicians Association for Nutrition e.V.“ (PAN) aims to raise awareness among all members of society about the important role of nutrition in promoting good health and preventing and treating disease.

M. Hofmann from Physicians Association for Nutrition e.V.
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In western industrialized countries, many people suffer from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes mellitus. Increasingly, these diseases also occur in one person at the same time, which can mean a tremendously reduced quality of life and many years of life lost to those affected.
In most cases, the development of these chronic diseases is favored or even triggered by various aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Diet plays an important role in this context. It has great potential for the promotion of good health, as well as the prevention and treatment of diseases - findings that have been known for many years from the scientific literature and are constantly confirmed and complemented by new research results.
Unfortunately, at this point in time, not enough people are aware of the information about the preventive and therapeutic potential of diet and too few people implement it in everyday life.
As a non-profit medical association, the goal of the "Physicians Association for Nutrition e.V." is to change this situation.
Therefore, we want to support health professionals in recognizing nutrition as an effective tool to prevent and treat disease and in applying their knowledge about nutrition in their work. In addition, we want to help all members of society, and especially patients, to make informed choices about nutrition and to implement health-promoting recommendations. It is also very important to us to work towards a situation where politics are aligned with the right to good health and a commitment to make food accessible for everyone.
To put these goals into action, we will first focus on the healthcare professions. We want to provide healthcare professionals with scientific content tailored to their particular field of expertise in a contemporary, appealing multimedia approach. This will include an online portal, in which current findings on the subject of medicine and nutrition - summarized to the highest scientific standards - are easily accessible in various formats, such as videos, fact sheets or detailed articles. In addition, we would like to offer lectures and seminars for medical students and physicians, in which we will provide both scientific content as well as practical advice for implementation in everyday working life. Furthermore, we would like to conduct research ourselves with our cooperation partner, the Charité University Hospital in Berlin in order to contribute new scientific findings.
To realize these and many more future projects, we kindly ask for your financial support.

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