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SOS! Save Oussamae ♥ Emergency Surgery Needed!

Köln, Germany

Oussamae, 22 years old. His body dramatically rotting away. Desperately in need for help. His parents? Bitterly poor. An emergency surgery in Germany is his only way out. You can already help „just“ by sharing this campaign. PLEASE HELP OUSSAMAE

Dawud N. from TUISA e.V. | 
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About this project


A beautiful summer's day in 2012.
Everything seems to be just perfect...

Oussamae is playing football with his friends. Suddenly, out of nowhere... CUT!! BLACK–OUT!
Hospital! Emergency room! No feeling and no control over his body. Panic coming up! His eyes completely blind. For weeks.
Massive medical malpractice. Then wheelchair.
Diagnosis? Paraplegic! Cause? Unknown!
Further: Decubitus (bedsore)! Open, gaping, festering wounds. Ulcers. The wounds grow bigger and bigger extremely fast and uncontrollably.

The rotting of his flesh and muscles. All over his body.
Pain. All over his body. Stench. Everywhere. Accompanied by loneliness..then hopelessness.

7 years later.
2019. Freezing winter.
His suffering? Inconceivable.
Flesh and muscles literally dying.

"It feels like seeing and feeling the decay of your own body while being alive and conscious."
Continuously. Never-ending.
24/7. Day after day.
What else? Immeasurable emotional pain. Isolation from the external world. The breath-taking foul stench occupies the whole house. Stool and urine are uncontrollably leaking from the body.
His family – Somewhere upstate in Morocco.
Medical care? Catastrophic!

Meanwhile, Oussamae: "I just want to be able to go out.. go to school and just play football. I know I can defeat the disease. I am sure...", he says weeping bitterly.
But there is something he doesn't know: If he doesn't get the emergency operation, he will die from blood poisoning (caused by his wounds).
Bitter reality.

Last hope
This fundraising campaign is Oussamae's only chance to survive. His family bitterly poor. His parents old and fragile with no more power.

The only one able to take care of him provisionally is his sister. Herself still a kid. Way too young to bear the psychological stress. She gave up everything; left school, education and friends in order to care for her brother.

Oussamae: "I don't want to be a burden for my family any longer. I can't take it..I am the source of their pain. Why? Why me??" He cries bitterly. It is heartbreaking. "The only thing I wish in my life, is to be able to care of my family and protect them...God willingly."

Every Penny counts.

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Updated at 18. March 2020

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