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Support KKO, a sustainable education project in Cambodia

"Khmer for Khmer Organization" (KKO) is a non-profit NGO located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We offer sustainable education projects for kids and young adults. Our goal is ambitious: We want to make Cambodia a better place.

Michelle S. from FV der Khmer für Khmer Organisation e.V.Write a message

We are „Khmer for Khmer Organisation“, an NGO founded in 2009 and located in Siem Reap. Our ambitious goal is it to enable children and young adults to be part of the modern world, to live secure lives and earn liveable wages. This goal can only be reached by offering quality education.

KKO is offering English and Computer classes free of charge as well as sewing and motorbike mechanic vocational training for children and young adults from the countryside. For the very young children KKO operates a successful kindergarten program. Altogether, more than 300 students are coming daily to our classes eager to build their own self-determined future.

Quality is one of KKO’s top priorities so our projects are evaluated and improved on a regular basis. Especially the professional and educational improvement of our teachers is very important to us. But quality comes with a price! With our Betterplace campaign we are now looking for donations to cover the annual salary of our teachers.

Our Crowdfunding- goal: Covering the annual salary for our nine teachers!

The Budget we planned for the year 2017 is 98.273 €. After counting what we already have, we realized that we are short of 16.687 €. That is pretty much the amount of money we need in order to pay the yearly salary for our nine teachers.

With the donation KKO will be able to successfully continue its educational work. In 2010 when we were much smaller as an NGO we could not have dreamt that KKO would be so successful. We would never have thought that there would be around 300 young people daily who would profit from our work.

For transparency our current budget is composed as follows:

Budget for 2017:           98.273 €
Donations:                       9.359 €
Self generated means*: 80.490 €

Financing gap:               16.687 €

* With bicycle-, motorbike- and trekking tours as well as with the motorbike workshop and the off track accessories shop KKO is generating around 82 percent of its budget.

Be part of our Crowdfunding Campaign and help us to make Cambodia a better place!

As an NGO KKO is on its way to become an independent and sustainable institution. With our tourist program bicycle-, motorbike- and trekking tours as well as with the motorbike workshop and the off track accessories shop KKO is able to generate around 82 % of its entire budget. Our goal is to be completely self sufficient but right now we still need the help of our supporters.
And we believe that good and enthusiastic teachers should be able to earn enough money to make a living.

The friends association of our Organisation is a registered society in Germany and therefore on legal grounds on Betterplace registered as mother-organization. We guarantee that all donations are transferred to 100% to the Organisation in Cambodia. 

If you like to learn more about KKO please visit our website:

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