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When do I get my donation receipt? issues donation receipts automatically in the beginning of the following calendar year. For donations in 2017, we will send you the donation receipt in February 2018. Tax receipts can only be issued in German.

The donation receipt is a list of all your tax deductible donations of the relevant calendar year.

Donation receipts for donations in 2017 will be sent in February 2018. This is carried out as an automated process to keep the effort as low as possible for a charitable organisation that we are. In case you do not wish to receive a donation receipt, you can simply ignore that email.

If you haven’t received a donation receipt by March 2018, please contact [email protected].

In urgent exceptional cases we do send out a donation receipt after the course of four weeks, which serves as a security period. If you need your donation receipt earlier , please send an email as well to [email protected]

This is the information we need to issue a donation receipt:

  • the email address(es) that you used for your donations
  • the postal address that has to be shown on the donation receipt (full name, street and number, zip code, city and country)