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Shelter Margarita / St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg , Russia

Tierschutz Russland e.V. support animal rights protagonists and local animal homes with food, castration, medical care and in matters of general improvement for conditions of street animals in Russia. Please help us ! Thank you .

S. Korths from Tierschutz Russland e.V.
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We would like her to ask your help I supporting our Margarita. 
Here is her story and her cry for help 
Dear friends, we are in a very serious situation at the moment. I can hardly find the words to show all my worries and fears. At the moment I have to feed 102 cats and 9 dogs. I also have to support my relatives. They are handicapped people which have 50 cats. The rent they get as handicapped is not enough that they themselves can buy foods for a whole month. But they have to feed the animals. Me myself get a standard Russian sallary aboot 300 euro a month. And even if I do my best I am more and more in need. Dear friends! Please, help me!!! I cannot come home and the hungry cry of my poor cats without giving them enough food. I have NOTHING left! 
These eyes, these asking eyes of the animals! They cannot understand why! I cannot bare them! 
What can I do??? 
Every night I have the same dream: my cats, my hungry crying cats! I stand up in sweat. We are in a country where even human life is nothing worth, not to mention the animals. Everywhere you can see hungry eyes of animals, here a cat there a dog. Lately I have taken three cats more. The first one was on a tree and cried for help. I took it from the tree. It was so little! My dogs helped me to find it. Then I could save two little kittens at the last moment. Otherwise they would be walled in a basement of a house as it is being done with many Russian cats every day. And then a little puppy came to me. It walked through the streets without any purpose. How could I pass by this child without helping him! I am in a standing shock! Our state does not give the animal rights activists any help. I always wonder how we are able to help animal. I need not only food but also medicine for sick cats and dogs and money for castration. Who can help us? 
Dear friends! Excuse me for taking your time and crying for help. But we cannot survive without your joint support. I beg you, help us, please! It does not matter how much and how often. I thank you so much from the depth of my heart! 

We can not and do not want to ignore this bad situation and take the view that Russian animal rights activists have to conduct changes in their country themselves. How can we wait till it happens and let these poor creatures in trouble? No, we may not do this! 
That's why we support animal rights activists from Russia on providing them with foods, castration, veterinary care and also hp with the general improvement of the living conditions of these street animals and finding adoptive families for them. We all work as volunteers and are funding the work from our own personal funds. 
Please, help us! To defend animals means to defend human beings. It brings positive changes to the future.