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EduGlobe. Making education accessible to everyone

About 80% of the pupils in Uganda are not able to finish school because of high school fees. With our project EduGlobe we want to give all pupils a chance of education and a chance of a future.

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Even though education is a human right, reality tells a different story. About 80% of the children in Uganda don’t have the possibility to continue to go to school. Especially in developing countries, education is rarely free - even though here it is needed most as education is the first step out of poverty. We have dedicated our project EduGlobe to give children a chance of education and a chance of a future.

Our partner school in Uganda:
About 400 adolescents go to St. Bruno Ssaza Secondary School in Masaka, Uganda. In lower grades, about 100 pupils have to share one classroom. Many of them will not reach the final grade levels. They will drop out of school because they are unable to pay their monthly fees. Instead of going to school they will be sent to work for their families, not having any chance of a future. That is exactly what we want to change! With our project EduGlobe we implement an innovative concept with practical and relevant teaching. We will found an entrepreneurial business where the adolescents can apply their new skills. All income will stay 100% in the school giving the pupils a chance to continue their way to their own future through education!

Why education?
Education is the first step out of poverty. Education is more than knowledge: it is enables foresighted thinking, autonomy and participation in society. Education is giving people a future.

How do we give them a chance?
1. Reducing school fees: Neither their families nor the adolescents themselves have enough income to pay the monthly school fees, not speaking of the additional costs for uniforms and school materials. Through reducing the monthly fees to a minimum we can give the adolescents a chance of further education.
2. Increase motivation: Missing motivation alone created an absence rate between 14-50%. We create motivation through relevant and practical lessons and innovative learning concepts.

Who are we?
We – this is Lotta, Andrej, Konstantin and Damian. Four motivated students with one common goal: making the world a better place!
We are members of the student organization Enactus, having over 200.000 members worldwide. Enactus is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO). Its student teams run entrepreneurial projects aiming to empower people in need through economic perspectives.


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