Funded The Glass Half Full - it matters what we measure

An aid project by “InteGreater Foundation” (W. Koch) in Hindupur, India

W. Koch (Project Manager)

W. Koch
(formerly called Folks on Spokes)

We are living through the most exciting times in the history of life on our planet. Some call it the brink of a collapse. We believe, it’s the beginning of a beautiful possibility! Allow us to show you a different perspective. Welcome to The Glass Half Full.

TGHF aims to shift focus from “eradicating poverty” to “creating a desired state”. If the absence of a few factors in a given place means poverty, couldn’t their collective presence mean the desired state?? An adequate life?

The factors, which we believe to collectively lead to such a State of Adequacy are:
Food security & Nutrition, Water conservation, Shelter, Clothing, Health, Energy, Education, Income generation, Social equity, Connectivity (physical and information infrastructure), Environmental conservation and Disaster management.

TGHF starts on December 15, 2010 with a 210 day long journey that takes us through 12,000km of the heart of India. Mostly on cycles, but sometimes on buses, trains, horsebacks or whatever else it takes to document the conditions across the country along the 12 factors above.

Because it matters what we measure…

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Location: Hindupur, India

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