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Help for the storks in Mainz-Mombach - we create meadows

A project from Arbeitskreis Umwelt Mombach e.V.
in Mainz, Germany

To help the storks and other rare animals we rent and buy former farmland near the City of Mainz. We create meadows, build pools and take care of this biotopes.

J. Weidmann
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Arbeitskreis Umwelt Mombach e.V. has been committed for a number of years to working with storks living at the banks of the river Rhine near Mainz-Mombach and Budenheim.

Aim of our Project is to establish a large area of adjoining plots of land in the plains of the river Rhine, to provide a habitat for storks and other rare species. Therefore we acquire and lease former agricultural land and create new biotopes.

These habitats are of benefit to many animals and plants, especially storks but also the highly protected great crested newt, other amphibians, insects, bats etc.
Meadows and pastures are especially important because grassland is very rare in Mainz and Rheinhessen. The percentage of grassland has decreased dramatically nationwide over the last few years, because meadows and pastures are destroyed to grow energy crop.

What is left to do:

To secure the things already achieved we take care of the meadows an biotopes regularly. We keep control over invasive species, mange hedges and other structures. Gradually we want to network the areas among themselves and with the neighbouring sanctuaries

What we need:

We need money to rent and buy additional land.

We need financial resources and help for the permanent care for meadows and hedges.

To provide short distance between nest and feeding grounds to the storks we what to build a nesting aid at one of our meadows.