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Schulgebührenfinanzierung der Oberstufenschüler*innen

A project from Children of Mathare e. V.
in Mathare, Kenya

Finance our high school students in Kenya for the additional two months of school time that became necessary due to the corona lockdown. Further information can be found in the project description.

Jan-Rickmer Feindt
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About this project

Due to the corona pandemic, lockdowns also occurred in Kenya, which resulted in schools being closed. The Kenyan government has therefore come up with a special method for high schools to make up for the missed learning material, so that a school-leaving qualification can still be met. In total, the high school students would have about 3 months of vacation per year, which the government has now limited to one month. This means two additional months in which the students can catch up on the material they have missed. Unfortunately, this also means that school fees have to be paid for two more months.
Because the government decision in Kenya took us all by surprise, we deducted the school fee from reserves in the club's account, which were originally intended for emergencies like this one. We would be happy if you support us with your donation.