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Proyecto Mosaico e. V.

managed by Sarah U. (Communication)

About us

Proyecto Mosaico is a registered german nonprofit association with an office in Granada, Nicaragua. We are a small team of committed people trying to sustain a global solidarity bridge between Central America and the rest of the world. We do this through sending commited volunteers to our partner organizations who tell us whom they need and by assisting people to find their perfect volunteer work placement. Due to our longtime history of work (since 1998!) we concentrate on selective partner organizations in: EDUCATION & SOCIAL WORK, WOMEN and ENVIRONMENT.

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Our core values:

• ENGAGEMENT: For us volunteering, solidarity, integrity and the desire for critical dialogue are living reality! Direct and personal ways of communication, an economic and transparent organizational structure, as well as our on humanistic principle based actions is who we are - a committed and personal mosaic!

• DEVELOPMENT: Our goal is to support local organizations through various ways: Building a long lasting network of committed non-profit players, focussing eg. on their development through person-centered training or project counselling. We are proud to be a commited part of the global peacebuilding community,who kick-off changes one by one through contributing in social and ecologically fair development based on fair cooperations.

• COOPERATION IS TEAMWORK: We support our partner organizations by providing educational, networking services and individual consulting. On behalf of them we collect much needed materials and financial resources. Sometimes our advise is requested when it comes to planning and organizing a project or an event.

• FURTHER TRAINING & NETWORKING: Some of our partner organizations are very much interested in counseling and training and are eager to get in contact with other projects. We offer workshops in eg constructive recycling and ecological beautification of living space and connect organizations.

[Please turn a blind eye towards upcoming mistakes. English is not our native tongue.]

Latest project news

First donation handover

  Sarah U.  26 March 2019 at 05:13 AM

 Dear donors,

In the past few days we have been able to hand over the first donations to the project manager of the Paraíso de Infancia Los Gusanitos project, Priska Buchmann Scherer. Verena, who took over the handover for us, was able to talk to Priska and brought us news and pictures from the project: at the moment there are 90 children in the project.  The smaller children spend the whole day in the Kinderparadies, the school-age children spend the time outside their school time in the project. They wash their uniform after their school visit, then eat lunch, do their homework and then take tuition or further education. The big kids come to the project before they go to school. They also receive lunch in the project and go to school in the afternoon. 

The requests have increased in the recently difficult times, but the capacity of the Gusanitos with this number of children are exhausted. When children leave the project, other families are given the opportunity to take addvantage of the facility of the project. 

 As already described in the need, the donations cover the basic needs of the children. This includes daily meals, extra education, school supplies, medical and psychological care, and space for free development as well as extra activities. 

In the past year, Priska was able to use donations to acquire laptops, which the children can use for their school assignments and further education. Every year Priska creates the textbooks for every child, as there are no teaching materials at the public schools. To save money, a freezer was purchased, through which larger amounts of food can be purchased. Due to the political crisis, there are only a few hours of running water every day. Therefore water is upstream with large water tanks. The project also tries to provide itself as far as possible. It has a garden with vegetables, fruit trees and chickens. The products can be used to make drinks and food. In the project, 16 Nicaraguan permanent employees work with a total of 10.5 percentage points. 

For the future, Priska plans to make it possible for the children to stay in the project after their graduation of school. At the moment most children are forced to support their families through work after completing basic education. She wants to enable children to attend secondary schools. Therefore, she plans to set up a workshop where children can make bedside lamps to be sold in Nicaragua or Europe. The proceeds are intended to help children continue their education after schooling. 
Continue supporting the project through your donation and help the children to gain better education and give them a place to be a child. 

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