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About us

AHC is a Dutch organisation focussing on sustainable community development in Cambodia.

In 2004 AHC build a pre-school in Anlong Khong, a small Cambodian community outside Phnom Penh.
In 2008 AHC coordinated the following community development projects in this village:
- improvement of rain water management. Villagers and Dutch volunteers dug new waterways in the village to stop the flooding.
- installation of a garbage collection system. 2 new appointed garbage men receive a salary, materials and a micro credit for a moto. Villagers and volunteers also made new garbage bins.
- a former MT provides free medical help in the village.
- 55 people found a job making fair trade paper mache toys for an American importer.
- 4 enthusiastic young Cambodians found a job and training in AHC's non-profit shop/restaurant Aw'-kun Shop+Help in Phnom Penh
- via Aw'-kun Shop + Help and the webshop ( AHC found a way to raise funds and simultaneously market the beautiful products made by villagers from Anlong Khong and other local NGO's.
- coordination of an exchange program with Dutch teenagers, making them experience what it means to do development work.
- make a start with organising the village, helping them set up a community committee and become more self-reliant and stronger as a community.

High on the wish-list for 2009 are English Lessons for the teenagers in the village, follow up on the hygiene project, the community committee and legal rights training.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  H. Raven  13 December 2016 at 04:50 PM

Thank you for your donations.

With the collected funds we will buy teaching materials for our pre-school. Like pens, books and posters.Thanks you for your help!

A donation amount of €37.00 was requested for the following needs:

Start up costs €37.00
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