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Nhindiwa OVCs e.V.

managed by C. Köhler

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We support AIDS-Orphans in the village of Nhindiwa, near Bonda with school fees and stationary. School graduates are being integrated in self-help projects in order to secure the sustainability of our support and to support their income generation. In the near future we are planning to build a pigery as a self-help project and at the same time as a means of contributing to school fees for orphans who are still without schooling due to limited means of the families who took them in.

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  C. Köhler  18 October 2011 at 10:41 PM

Zimbabwe is facing a drought. This is a very severe situation, given that people strongly depend on each harvest. Maize, the staple food of the population, as well as the main food for animals, is normally harvested at this time, but only very little can be reaped due to the drought. The prizes for the little maize available are tremendously high. This causes people to suffer from hunger. For our project it means that we can not afford to buy sufficient food for our piglets. We strongly depend on support to sustain our project at this difficult time. At the same time there is no generation of money out of the project, yet, and we struggle to pay the school fees which are about to be due for our group of supported orphans.

Please find more information on our project on our project website (with an English section). We will also appreciate your visit and likes on our Facebook-Seite.

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