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Pigery for orphans in Nhindiwa, Zimbabwe

A project from Nhindiwa OVCs e.V.
in Mutare, Zimbabwe

We are building a pigery for orphans in the village Nhindiwa, Zimbabwe. The pigery serves to generate school fees for orphans and income for orphant youth who will run the pigery.

C. Köhler
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About this project

Nhindiwa OVCs e.V. is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Germany in order to support the Zimbabwen initiative with the same name. Our activities focus on the village of Nhindiwa, Zimbabwe. We pay school fees for AIDS orphans and initiate self-help projects to generate the school fees. Presently we support a group of 16 children and young people with school fees and other school supplies.
Our future goal is that the self-help projects would develop well enough to generate all school fees needed and to become independent from donations.
We work closely with teachers and other coordinators in the village and regularly meet up with them to discuss the developments and presents needs of the children and young people and of the project as a whole.
Recently we have started a pigery. Together with the children and young people who we support we bought materials and constructed a pig stable. One pig was bought from donation money which later breeded six piglets. They are now being raised by a helper and the young people who we support themselves. Later some of them will be sold and the money will be used to pay the school fees for our group.
The pig stable now has to be extended to accommodate all the piglets well enough. Moreover, we need to buy food and medicine to raise them. Until we will be able to sell them, no money can be generated to pay the school fees for our group. We need support to pay these fees.