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Jangu e.V.

managed by Etienne S. (Communication)

About us

Jangu e.V. is empowering marginalized Ugandan youth to take responsible positions in their social environment through education. We are creating a sustainable cycle in which sponsored youth will become sponsors themselves, rendering foreign aid obsolete.

In Ugandan-German cooperation, Jangu has created the Socia Innovation Academy (SINA), a unique learning environment, which empowers youth to become job creators by nurturing innovative project ideas into social enterprises with positive impact on society and the environment.

Latest project news

Latest news

RE: Kind regards and warm greetings to you all

  arsene b.  20 June 2018 at 04:23 PM

 Dear backers,       
         Hope you are all doing great wherever you are. However, we are still so happy of always sharing our current project updates with you. Over last week at Social Innovation Academy SINA, we were greatly happy of taking part in an open-space workshop of structuring empowerment and training program of Applied Social Innovation and Summer school 2018. This is to support and help in quality delivery of our service to new scholars hence improving their personal and professional development skills while to explore more with entrepreneurship journey.
Since we did not manage to raise enough funds during the crowd funding campaign, with the available funds raised has enhanced to conduct of trainings and empowering refugees in Uganda and DR. Congo to start unleashing their potentials and become the successful entrepreneurs. Besides that, Due to facing some challenges (lack of laptops, learning materials, working space and other materials) which hence sometimes is lowering the smooth running of programs of project. Meanwhile, of recently we have been working on ways we can get running facilities for our organization to edit a proposal like laptops. We are surely hoping to receive a donation of laptops from labdoo organization which we now are seeing ways of connect our brother near their offices abroad to pick them over and forward them to us in Uganda.

We also had blissful meetings with One Youth One Heart an organization in Kampala which aims at empowering refugee youth with entrepreneurship skills. Our major goal of these meetings was to have a brainstorm and seeing how we could create strong partnerships hence having a synergy in order for an easy approach to beneficiaries to our services. Due to some challenges like shortage of enough funds  we have raised during campaign and operating space, we decided to start empowering refugee youth in different organizations or platforms which are doing the same like our organization. Suddenly, we have managed to create a partnership with One Youth One Heart as one which is providing space where we could be facilitating and empowering the young Refugees in Uganda. We are currently so thankful to One Youth One Heart to come on board as great partner for the prosperity of our organization.


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