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Jangu e.V.

managed by Etienne S.

About us

Jangu e.V. is empowering marginalized Ugandan youth to take responsible positions in their social environment through education. We are creating a sustainable cycle in which sponsored youth will become sponsors themselves, rendering foreign aid obsolete.

In Ugandan-German cooperation, Jangu has created the Socia Innovation Academy (SINA), a unique learning environment, which empowers youth to become job creators by nurturing innovative project ideas into social enterprises with positive impact on society and the environment.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €7,076.22

  Maike Striffler  08 July 2020 at 05:47 PM

Two months ago, a lockdown, restricting public and private transport, was mandated by the Ugandan government. People in our district are unable to generate an income that provides their families with food and pays for utilities. Therefore, Jangu e.V. with its Ugandan partner organization “Jangu International” who is running the Social Innovation Academy (SINA), and in collaboration with five of SINAs social enterprises, we have been able to support families in Mpigi District with food and other essential supplies during the COVID-19 crisis.
These included items like cooking oil, sugar, salt, tea leaves, onions, maize and millet flour, rice, multi-purpose soap, multi-purpose biodegradable washers/cleaners, and reusable sanitary towels. We support local farmers within Mpigi District to generate income through the purchase of the food. Other essentials like soap, biodegradable washers, and reusable sanitary towels are products by our social enterprises. 
Through 101 donations a total of 7437 Euros was generated. This meant we were able to supply 547 essential supply packages to families in need in Mpigi District. Every Saturday, we distributed those packages. The lockdown in Uganda has been started to be eased since 26th of May, allowing private transport and small businesses to operate again. The situation is still challenging, as public transport is still prohibited but announced to resume soon. 
We appreciate your generous and ongoing support throughout these challenging times. Hopefully, we will see all of you soon at SINA.

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