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Jangu e.V.

managed by Etienne S. (Communication)

About us

Jangu e.V. is empowering marginalized Ugandan youth to take responsible positions in their social environment through education. We are creating a sustainable cycle in which sponsored youth will become sponsors themselves, rendering foreign aid obsolete.

In Ugandan-German cooperation, Jangu has created the Socia Innovation Academy (SINA), a unique learning environment, which empowers youth to become job creators by nurturing innovative project ideas into social enterprises with positive impact on society and the environment.

Latest project news

Latest news


  arsene b.  23 April 2018 at 11:24 AM

        We are always blissful and appreciative for the great support and contribution towards our baby project of creating our own self organized learning empowerment spaces in East Africa (Kampala, Uganda and Bukavu, DR. Congo) Therefore, we aim not putting a hand down or relax until we create change. However, it’s a pleasure to keep our lovely supporters updated with any kind of progress of our project.     

Previously it was a great opportunity taking part in launching the Social Impact Award in Uganda and Africa at large at the Social Innovation Academy SINA, Uganda. This was a great learning and opportunity to our team experiencing or exploring more with social entrepreneurship knowledge. Currently we are conducting training or workshops with Social Impact Award SIA, in Kampala slams with young refugees and marginalized youth supporting them with opportunities and idea generation in order for them to apply for SIA with their social business ideas or enterprises.

Since we didn’t manage to reach our target goal of funds, we are still carrying on the campaign, if you want to help or support us to achieve our goal to buy land and set up our own academies, it’s not too late. The campaign on Betterplace place is still open and here is our link;  
We are very thankful for all your support and love.

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