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Frauenrat Dest Dan e.V.

managed by Susanne Rößling

About us

The women's association Dest Dan e.V. was founded at the end of the 1990s - to support women fleeing sexualized torture in Turkey. A characteristic of this support was that it should be holistic. Starting with legal help and help in the search for therapy places, through practical, social support, the women of Dest Dan did not want to meet the women as clients but as political comrades-in-arms. In the 2000s, the focus shifted to cultural and social association work. From 2010 onwards, Dest Dan increasingly developed into a political platform, including for non-Kurdish women. The goal became more and more political education, self-organization and political will and protest rallies. In 2015, it was renamed FrauenRat and converted into a council structure. An essential activity of this Council structure is the organisation of seminars and events.


Oranienstr. 34

Susanne Rößling

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