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Stiftung Deutsche Morbus Perthes Initiative

managed by Wolfgang Strömich

About us

The German Perthes Morbus Initiative Foundation has been helping parents whose children have Perthes Morbus for 23 years and has already helped over 5,000 parents.
We have been working for this disease since 1998, because the founder Wolfgang Strömich had Perthes disease as a child. We are the only organization in German-speaking countries for Perthes disease.
One of our projects is the "Benni der Tröstebär" campaign, which we would like to expand. During the first visit in the hospital, we let the doctor give a comfort bear to the sick children. The comfort bear contains some documents about the illness in child-friendly language and a postcard that the little patient can send to Benni with a picture or a text he has drawn himself. Benni responds with a personal letter and, if the parents wish, with further motivational letters or mails, because the disease lasts for many years.
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Hubertusstraße 39

Wolfgang Strömich

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