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About us

ExisTanz is an innovative dance development organisation. Our dance projects bridge artistic practice and social justice. Through dance we enable processes of social empowerment and personal transformation.

The work of ExisTanz is based on the profound belief in the transformative power of dance and the trust in the great potential of the people we work with. Artistic excellence and innovation in contemporary dance is at the heart of all our projects. We understand dance as a facilitator of personal and social change. Based on this fundamental understanding, ExisTanz, directed by the founder Ellen Steinmüller, facilitates performance-orientated dance projects with high artistic standards for non-trained dancers.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €1,764.75

  Ellen Steinmüller  23 March 2022 at 04:22 PM

Thanks to the generous support of our donors we are able to cover 48 % of the fees for the working hours for our three dance artists developing the the choreographic vision for the 'Alpinesinfonie - Education Dance Project'.   

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