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We received a payout of €3,801.07

Ellen Steinmüller
Ellen Steinmüller wrote on 25-05-2022

Thanks to the incredibly generous support of all our donors the fees for all the dance artists involved in the artistic development as well choreographic planning and preparation for 'Alpine Symphony' are fully covered. We are very pleased to be able to fully honour their time, dedication, expertise and tireless commitment to bringing artistic excellence to the young people. This includes: 

  • artistic research and development 
  • choreographic planning and preparation
In addition, we are very pleased to have received a substantial match funding by Stadtsparkasse München through WirWunder München. This enables us to cover the fees for artistic production and strategic organisation of the project led by the artistic director, Ellen Steinmüller.   

We are very excited to now deliver this choreography to the young people at Bürgermeister-Schütte-Schule Garmisch-Partenkirchen who will showcase all their hard work and achievements on Thursday 28th July as part of the Richard-Strauss-Tage 2022.