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Licht für Kinder e.V.

managed by Adrian Mose

About us

Our goal is to help children in the poorest regions of the world gain access to a school and an education providing them with a fair chance to study or to learn a profession. This is recognised ingernationally as one of the foundations for a happy and fullfilled life.

This is expecially a problem in remote mountain villages, where qualified teachers are hard to find and where schools are often in a poor condition or do not exist at all. To adress these issues we have chosen to support the training of teachers, and to renovate or build new schools.

Education however does not just mean visiting a school, but also requires acccess to modern teaching methods and equipment. This in general requires electricity, which is often not available in these remote locations. To address this issue we provide solar systems to the villagers and schools, using and simple and robust technology which allows us to involve the villagers in the installation, care and maintenance of the solar equipment.


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