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Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk action medeor e.V.

managed by M. Gotzen

About us

German medical aid organisation action medeor e.V.
Today the charitable, non governmental organisation action medeor e.V. is the largest medical aid organisation in Europe. medeor depends on the support of its donors to provide a wide range of services throughout the world.
Our goal
action medeor was established in 1964 to provide basic drugs and medical equipment to people in developing countries. medeor is also involved in fighting the poverty-related and tropical diseases HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. medeor works with the principle of helping people to help themselves.

Our philosophy: low cost medical aid
We support around 10.000 healthcare centres, particularly small facilities, in 140 countries. action medeor sends drugs and medical equipment to developing countries, either at cost price or as donations. Potential recipients of aid are asked to provide detailed information and authorisation by local officials or may receive a on-site visit. Our partners either commission the production of generic drugs or order them in bulk from European pharmaceutical manufacturers. These drugs are patent-free, high quality and low priced. We are able to offer high quality at a low price by buying in bulk and selling at cost price.
Our partners
Our aid is supplied in co-operation with different church and secular organisations, religious communities, private initiatives and healthcare centres abroad. Based on many years’ experience, action medeor has built up a comprehensive network of facilities in the healthcare sector.

Latest project news

Ich habe 1.760,90 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Linda M.  26 June 2019 at 01:02 PM
DANKE! Mithilfe eurer Spenden können wir den Menschen in Mosambik, Simbabwe und Malawi zur Seite stehen. Wir haben zum Beispiel eine mobile Klinik in Malawi mit Medikamenten ausgestattet. Die Helfer der lokalen Caritas CADECOM versorgen mit der Klinik die Menschen, die durch den Sturm ihr Haus verloren haben und nun in notdürftigen Camps unterkommen. Krankheiten verbreiten sich hier besonders schnell. Für viele ist die mobile Klinik deshalb die Rettung in der Not. 

Wir danken euch für euren Einsatz!

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