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Baumwasser e.V.

managed by Christoph Sinemus

About us

Water for the trees. Quality of life for your city: Already today, more than 52% of the world's population lives in cities. By 2050, the proportion will rise to 70%. The growth of cities and the consequences of climate change such as soil compaction, increasing construction on green spaces, heat, drought, fungal and pest infestation, pollution.... have devastating consequences for our urban trees. Chestnut, elm, lime, ash, oak, maple or plane tree will disappear if we do nothing. As a non-profit association, we help the trees of our cities to protect them from the effects of climate change and to preserve the quality of life in our cities: with regular watering by emission-free, all-electric watering vehicles and involving actions and information. We are happy if you support us in this. Through active work or a donation. Because every contribution goes to the trees right on your doorstep and to the climate of your city.


Im Merheimer Felde, 31

Christoph Sinemus

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